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15 August 2017

Laser Cut Wood Creates Fascinating Kinetic Sculptures by John Edmark

Laser Cut Wood Art We found this very interesting laser cut wood art by John Edmark. He is an instructor [...]

10 August 2017

Multi-layered Laser-cut Wood Artworks: Intricate, Fine Details, Masterpieces

Multi-layered Laser-cut Wood Artworks Martin Tomsky, an artist based in London specialises in Multi-layered Laser-cut Wood Artworks. His art demonstrates his illustration [...]

8 August 2017

Laser Cut Photo Frame – Cute, Cool, and Amazing Items

Laser Cut Photo Frame A Laser cut photo frame is another work of art you can customise using a laser [...]

3 August 2017

Laser Cut Pendants: Fashion, Accessories and Outfit Ideas

Laser Cut Pendants Laser cut pendants are a very popular item. With the use of a laser cutter it's easy [...]